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Experts are now predicting that the number of centenarians — (people who live to be at least 100 years old) — will continue to rise in the coming years.  Of course, genetics play a large role in healthy aging, as well as physical activity, social support and geographic environment.

Petersen Sisters – 101 Years of Age

Based on a 2022 estimate by the United Nations, there are 593,000 centenarians around the world. It’s a fast-growing age group. The United Nations projects there will be 3.7 million centenarians alive by 2050.

Did you win the genetic lottery?

Experts who study the expanding human life span say the reason someone may live beyond 100 years starts with their DNA — the genes they’ve inherited from their parents.  The longer your parents live, the more likely you’ll live a healthier, longer life, experts say.  
However, regardless of DNA, Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, states that soon you may live to 150!    To discover how this is possible – I encourage you to listen to my Podcast interview with Dr. Roizen.  Simply Click On this link: – then click on Podcasts.


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