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Whether you are interested in facial rejuvenation, a more sculpted body, or larger breasts – having a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a truly life-changing decision that will improve your body image and self-confidence.

Your greatest challenge will be to avoid marketing hype and choose a plastic surgeon who truly puts a patients best interests first and foremost.

So here are my 5 secrets to choosing a surgeon:

1. Don’t rely on a doctor informing you he or she or ‘board certified’.  Due to the many medical specialties, there are various types of certifications. Choose a Plastic Surgeon who is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  While a few ENT doctors and Gynecologists are sometimes pretty good a what they do, ABPS is the Gold Standard in Board Certification.

2. How many of the aesthetic procedure you are interested in – has the surgeon performed?   For example, if you wish to improve the shape of your nose, or an aging, wrinkled face, the experience of a surgeon is often critical to a natural appearing outcome. It’s likely you have noticed botched ‘nose-jobs’, or obvious facelifts with overly tightened skin. Be certain the plastic surgeon has a good deal of experience in performing the procedure and obtaining results you want.   Ask to see multiple ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs.

3. The TOTAL cost of a procedure is important. Cosmetic surgery is an extremely competitive field, and you may see many practices that advertise “the best prices” or “special deals.” Steer clear of those claims.  Also, some patient coordinators will quote a price that is only based upon the surgeon’s fee.  Later, you will learn that in addition there will be anesthesia and operating room charges, as well expenses for supplies and prescriptions.

Demand an all-inclusive estimate in advance so you can add ‘affordability’ into the mix of considerations. 

4. I consider the surgeon’s ‘Bedside Manner’ to be an important factor. Your doctor’s personality can go a long way toward helping you feel confident in your decision to have cosmetic surgery.  As you meet with different surgeons – (preferably visit at least three) – evaluate how well you get along with them. Does the surgeon project an attitude that is friendly and approachable, while still being professional?  Is he or she ‘open’ and invites all your questions.   Character can make a difference when it comes to establishing a healthy patient-surgeon relationship.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF FULLY about all patient aspects of cosmetic surgery.  To obtain the ‘full story’ in a short amount of time about cosmetic procedures and what  is important to know, I strongly recommend you listen to my Podcast interview with Dr. Robert Hardesty.  Dr. Hardesty is considered one of America’s foremost Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons!

To listen – simply CLICK HERE.


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